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Wine Terminology

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See 'RM'.

 See 'RM'.


Tasting and winemaking term used to indicate a wine that has developed a dirty smell reminiscent of rotten eggs

Before bottling this can usually be remedied by aeration of addition of copper. When it develops in bottle, vigorous aeration sometimes removes the reduced smell.


Bottle of 4.5 litres capacity equivalent to 6 normal (75cl) bottles,

mainly used for Champagne.

Remontage (Fr.)

Pumping over.


Remuage (Fr.)



Rendement (Fr.)



Reserva (Sp.)

Reserve. Wine that has been aged for a minimum specified period (according to the DO) normally including a period in barrel.

Many of the best red wines of Rioja are bottled as reserva, while the older gran reserva category can be rather too old for modern tastes.

Residual sugar

Sugar remaining in a wine after fermentation and once it is ready for bottling.

The level of residual sugar determines whether the wine will be dry, medium dry, sweet, etc, though even the driest wines contain a little residual sugar.


Winemaking term for the process of gradually turning and shaking bottle-fermented sparkling wine (such as Champagne) so that the sediment of dead yeast cells moves to the neck, for subsequent removal by disgorgement.

Riddling can be done manually or using a machine (see 'gyropalette', 'girasol').

Rosado (Sp. Por.)



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