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Wine Terminology

Glossary terms

Schaumwein (Ger.)

Sparkling wine

usually of basic quality.

Secco (It.)

Dry (or off-dry

Dry (or off-dry for some sparkling wines).

Seco (Sp., Por.)



Second wine

Second-quality wine from a property (particularly in Bordeaux),

often blended from wines not considered appropriate for the first wine (or grand vin). Can represent good value for money.

Semi-secco (It.)

Medium dry

(in fact medium sweet).


Tasting term used to indicate an acidic or bitter taste.

Usually uncomplimentary.


Tasting term used to indicate a wine with little aftertaste.

See also length.


Tasting term used to indicate a voluptuous,

smooth texture in the mouth.

Sin crianza (Sp.)

Without ageing.

A wine that has received no barrel ageing.


Tasting term used to indicate the smell of wood smoke on the nose

Desirable if it is not overpowering.