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Wine Terminology

Glossary terms


See 'volatile acidity'.



Tasting term used to describe a vanilla-like aroma,

often a result of ageing in new American oak barrels.


Wine from a single,

 named grape variety.


Vessel used for fermentation and storage of wine.

Vats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can be made from wood, concrete, or metal (nowadays usually stainless steel).

VDQS ( Vin delimite de qualite suprieure)

French quality wine designation coming just below AC in the hierarchy.

 Regions are generally awarded VDQS status in the expectation that they will eventually be promoted to AC. As with AC, there are rules to define the vineyard area, permitted grape varieties and yields, etc.


Tasting term used to describe a textured,

opulent mouth feel in wine.

Vendange (Fr.)



Vendange tardive (Fr.)

Late harvest.

Usually implies ripe fruit and hence sweetness or high alcohol.

Vendemmia (It.)



Vendimia (Sp.)



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