Region 'Medoc and Graves' - Year 1999

Rating Drinkability Style
starstarstarstarstar drink soon Rain complicated matters but some very good wines look set to emerge

Weather Conditions

Normal flowering after a warm May. The summer was warm and humid, and green- harvesting was essential to reduce the high crop. Damp weather provoked mildew and some rot. There was hot dry period until rain fell on the M├ędoc from 13 September. Careful viticultural practices ensured that overall, and after selection in the vineyard, bunches were ripe and reasonably healthy. White Graves were picked at high sugar levels and are very attractive. As for the reds, they have attractive fruit but only a light tannic structure thanks to high yields. At this stage there is no consensus about whether the vintage is better overall than 1998.

Best Appellations

Best Producers

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