Region 'Vintage Port' - Year 1966

Rating Drinkability Style
starstarstarstarstar drink soon May be the most under-rated year of the century: wines had structure and good flavour

Weather Conditions

An exceptionally wet winter prepared the vines for a hot, dry summer. In August temperatures of 45C were recorded twice at Pinhao in the heart of the Cima Corgo but with so much ground water, the grapes did not dry up or raisinise. Rain finally arrived during the harvest but with yields well-down on average, the crop came to no harm. The fermentations were helped by cool weather and musts registered higher than average readings with excellent colour. It was clear at the end of the harvest that a fine vintage was in prospect.

Best Appellations

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Best Producers

History has been rather unfair to the 1966s which, until relatively recently were completely overshadowed by the 1963s. Although quality is not as uniformly high as 1963, 1966 hits many of the same high spots with wines combining concentration, structure and intensity. Although bottlings vary (a consequence of bottling in both Vila Nova de Gaia and in the UK) Dow and Fonseca are stupendous. Calem Dow Fonseca Graham Quinta do Noval Nacional Taylor