Region 'Washington State Merlot' - Year 1986

Rating Drinkability Style
starstarstarstarstar drink now An unexciting vintage with few wines of any merit

Weather Conditions

This was a much cooler year than the fine red wine vintages of 1989, 1983 and 1985. Vintners categorize this one as the best Chardonnay year in Washington state in the 1980's. The growing season was noted for its long hangtime due to the cooler summer weather. Though cool, the weather remained very dry right up until a late September harvest. A few rain showers slowed picking, but the whites were in before the rain.

Best Appellations

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Best Producers

Hogue Reserve, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Leonetti, Arbor Crest, Hyatt, Latah Creek. Most of the reds were on the light, elegant side, with fresh fruit character but not much staying power.