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What is wine tasting?

Wine tasting is not drinking. Although wine is made to drink and enjoy, there are also times when it has...

How to read tasting notes

Examples of wine tasting notes and how to read them

Download your own home wine tasting kit

How to host your own tasting plus how to taste wines like and expert and write notes

How to buy en primeur

Why buy en primeur and how to do it

How to serve wine

Tips on how to open, decant and serve your wines like a professional

How to choose a glass

What glasses do you need to make the most of your wine?


How to decant

To decant or not to decant? How? What? When? There are no hard and fast rules, says STEVEN SPURRIER, but...

How to cellar wines

A cellar is the ultimate accessory for those who want their wine collection to be taken seriously....

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How to keep an open bottle fresh

BEVERLEY BLANNING MW looks for the best way to keep an open bottle fresh, as she tests a range of stoppers

How to understand vintage

When it comes to wine, vintage is the big one, the thing most people tend to find complicated and...

Download your own home wine tasting kit

We at have put together a quick and easy guide to setting up and hosting your own wine...

Wine News

Wine News

Daily wine news - the latest breaking wine news from around the world