Coravin, maker of the gadget that allows people to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork, has launched its Coravin Model Two system in the UK, claiming it can pour wine 20% faster.


Released in the UK on Monday 8 February, the Coravin Model Two’s new features were based around feedback from both commercial and private users of the original Coravin, according to the company.

Coravin Model Two 2

The Coravin Model Two with a needle that pours ‘20% faster’.

It said the new features include:

  • a thinner wall needle that pours wine 20% faster than the original
  • new clamps that are easier to use

a new capsule cup load technology that ensures a tighter seal between the device and the gas capsule.

The thinner needle can be purchased separately for the original Coravin.

Priced at £279, the Model Two is slightly more expensive than its Coravin 1000 predecessor, which was available online this week at Harrods for £249.

Coravin has been adopted by several sommeliers since its launch, allowing some restaurants to extend their lists of wines available by the glass.

The Coravin Model Two works by injecting a needle into the cork to insert argon gas into the bottle. The pressure of the argon pushes the wine through the needle, preventing any oxygen from entering the bottle. Because cork springs back into place within a matter of minutes, the bottle is resealed as though it has never been opened.

The Coravin Model Two costs £279 and is available in the UK from Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, 67 Pall Mall, Birchgrove and Highbury Vintners.

Have you used Coravin? If so, tell us what you think of it in the comment section below.

  • jose

    I think Coravin is a great product offering something unique for a very niche demand. I currently saw other preserving products like AntiOx Wine Saver from Pulltex that allow keeping the wine in perfect conditions for more than a week once opened, and it´s as simple as using a stopper. I think both are great products

  • Michal Kunc

    Always wanted to have a chance to let our restaurant guest have just a single glass of something really special, without losing the rest of the bottle unsold. This gadget met our expectations despite offering an extra servis rather then a profit. Plus having archieved some rare bottles to see, how they develop in years, ready to use that. Can´t see any weaknesses of it..