We at decanter.com have put together a quick and easy guide to setting up and hosting your own wine tasting for friends and family.

The kit contains all you the information you need, from tips on which kind of tasting to run to a list of popular grape varieties and their characteristics. The kit also tackles the approaches to wine tasting (including judging appearance, smell and taste) and assessment. It explains the methodology behind writing tasting notes and provides an aroma chart to aid you in recognising wine aromas.

We’ve also included a Decanter tasting sheet for you to make your notes. You can download this as part of the kit or on its own (if you wish to print off several copies).

If you’re new to wine, want to learn more or if you’d like to host your own wine tasting (relaxed or serious) this is all you’ll need.

Download the full tasting kit (pdf)

Download Decanter’s tasting note sheet (a much smaller file for individual copies)

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