Joy of Terroir 2011
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July - Yealands Estate, Marlborough

Yealands is the largest New Zealand winery to be certified as 100% carbon neutral, thanks to such initiatives as generating solar and wind power and collecting storm water for irrigation. In the vineyard, it has introduced Babydoll sheep to keep cover crops – and tractor emissions – down. The vineyard pictured is in the Awatere Valley, the southern sister of the Wairau Valley. For years, the rolling Awatere foothills were regarded as
unsuitable for vines, but as interest has grown, vineyard plantings have risen to around 1,200 hectares, with little prime viticultural land now unplanted. Awatere is the coolest, driest and windiest of Marlborough’s viticultural sub-regions, and its wines typically show more fresh herb and mineral characters than the tropical styles of the Wairau Valley.