Richard Baudains' top 10 most overlooked Italian wine styles

  • Friday 13 April 2012

When thinking of Italian wine, Amarone, Barolo and Chianti may be what most readily springs to mind, but Richard Baudains reveals a treasure trove of original yet overlooked wines just waiting to be discovered. See his pick of 10 wines from the most exciting Italian terroirs here...

Ferrando 2007
Saracco 2011
Chionetti Briccolero 2010
Ignaz Niedrist Berger Gei Gries 2009
Vigneti Massa Derthona 2009
Tenuta Pederzana Grasparossa NV
La Berta 2010
Azienda Monaci Grofle Salento 2009
Librandi Duca San Felice Classico Superiore Riserva 2009
Planeta 2010

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