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See eight great value sparkling wines and sherries picked by Decanter's tasting executives Mark O'Halleron and Amanda Bulgin perfect for immediate drinking...
Ferrari Perlé Blanc
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Ferrari, Perlé Blanc, Trento, Italy 2006

Ferrari, Perlé Blanc, Trento, Italy 2006
Ferrari is a leading
name in Italian sparkling wine production, using the ‘Metodo Classico’
or Champagne method only. The nose is full of pastry, lime and a touch
of the exotic with pineapple and mango. True to the Ferrari 17.5pts/20 (91/100pts)
style, it is 100% Chardonnay.
Price £27 AG Wines, Great Western Wine, Invinity Wine, Lindley Fine Wines
Alc 12.5%

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Ferrari Perlé Blanc
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