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Moscato's rapid accession to the drink of choice for the hip hop crowd has propelled this delicate light sparkler into the spotlight. Despite the appearance of numerous me-too imitations, Kerin O'Keefe finds the original is still the best. See her favourite Moscato d'Astis here...
Moscato d'asti, Oddero
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Oddero, Cascina Fiore 2011

Oddero, Cascina Fiore 2011
Enticing aromas of peach and sage on the nose with intense apricot and grapefruit flavours on the palate. Lovely silky texture and fine perlage. 17pts/20 (90/100pts)
Price POA Pipai
Drink 2013
Alc 5%

Moscato d'asti, Bera 2011
Moscato d'asti, Vietti Cascinetta Vietti 2011
Moscato d'asti, Oddero
Moscato d'asti, Cantina Sociale Canelli