20-year-old Tawny Port: Expert's Choice

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This popular style represents the ‘apogee of tawny Port’, says Richard Mayson, who selects 18 of the best that show the perfect balance between youth and maturity. See Richard's top picks here...
20 year old tawny port, Niepoort
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Pale orange/amber colour. Not the most expressive wine on the nose, but fine and delicate displaying both freshness and age. Similarly delicate in style on the palate – creamy complexity, long and pure on the finish with a fresh streak of citrus running throughout. Wonderfully refined and poised. 19pts/20 (96/100pts)
Price £60–£65 Clifton Cellars, Harvey Nichols, Les Vignerons de St George, Lockett Bros
Alc 20%

20 year old tawny port, Dalva
20 year old tawny port, Niepoort
20 year old tawny port, Messias
20 year old tawny port, Pocas