Top 10 Rasteau reds

  • Friday 22 March 2013

Their recent elevation to top cru status has propelled Rasteau reds into the big league. John Livingstone-Learmonth finds an area where sultry sophistication is joining hearty rusticity in the glass. See his pick of the best 10 Rasteau reds here...

Rasteau, Domaine des Escaravailles Rasteau
Rasteau, Domaine Gourt de Mautens Cotes du Rhone
Rasteau, Domaine des Banquettes Cotes du Rhone
Rasteau, Domaine Les Aphillantes 1921 Rasteau
Rasteau, Famille Perrin Rasteau
Rasteau, Domaine des Coteaux des Travers
Rasteau, Domaine Bressy Masson Cuvee Paul Emile
Rasteau, Domaine d -Beaurenard Rasteau
Rasteau, Cave de Rasteau Ortas Tradition
Rasteau, Domaine La Soumade Rasteau

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