Coonawarra and Margaret River Cabernet: panel tasting results (2013)

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An impressive tasting to say the least, with our judges seduced by Western elegance, particularly in the younger wines, as well as by savoury, mature Cabernets from South Australia. See the top 49 wines including 7 Outstanding Australian Cabernets here...
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Peccavi, Margaret River 2008

Peccavi, Margaret River 2008
Decanter average score: 17.5pts/20 (91/100pts)
Individual judges’ scores: RJ 18.5 PM 17 AR 17
Appealing nose of mocha – gentle and fine. Rich in cassis fruit concentration in a powerful dimension that’s full-flavoured and rich rather than complex. Great, luxurious, toasty, creamy vanilla ripple coming through. Generous and intense.
Price £29.99 Peccavi Wines UK
Drink 2012–2025
Alc 14.5%

Judges: Roger Jones, Pierre Mansour and Anthony Rose