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A lot of generations of the Tedeschi family have dedicated faith and love to the Valpolicella grape-growing and winemaking tradition. The first deed of acquisition of vineyards (located in the Classic Valpolicella zone) was stipulated in 1630, under the discovery of ancient documents.

Descendants, generation by generation, have continued to add prestige, respect and esteem to their family.

For Renzo, the actual wine-maker, his roots are important: from his ancestors he learned the “Tedeschi style”, a way of life that sees itself participating in the wines. For each of his “cru” he adopts a Capitel as a propitiatory symbol that the wine dresser has dredged from popular customs, in honour of this or that saint, place in order to watch over the harvest from the caprices of the weather.

Il Capitel has now become the brand for all Tedeschi Estate products.

With the Valpolicella Classic wine Renzo is added selected wines: here Capitel delle Lucchine, Capitel San Rocco Rosso, Capitel Monte Olmi, Capitel Monte Fontana, and the most recent Capitel dei Nicalo'. Passion, tradition and innovation have combined to create the 'Fabriseria' product line: Vin de la Fabriseria, a white dessert wine, Amarone la Fabriseria, produced only in the best years, and Rosso Fabriseria, a wine that has elicited enthusiasm ever since it was first introduced on the market.

Renzo today is helped by his son Riccardo, and daughters Antonietta and Sabrina.

Renzo and his children are already concentrating on the future without turning their backs on tradition: modern techniques that help Nature without replacing Her. The company's philosophy is founded on continuous innovation to promote quality and avoid departing from traditions.

Primary concern goes, naturally, to the raw materials: grapes.

The future will continue to privilege the grape varieties that are typical of Valpolicella zone: Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Oseleta in particular, without forgetting Molinara, Dindarella and Negrara.

Renzo and family are at work in their winemaking niche to never betray the faith on their customers.

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