Castello di Ama, Tuscany, Italy

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  • Wine region:  Tuscany

Producer Description

During the explosion of Super-Tuscans in the 1980s, Castello di Ama instead chose to emphasise Chianti Classico, producing four single-vineyard versions that were the equal of the best vini da tavola. Winemaker Marco Pallanti, the new head of the Chianti Classico consorzio, has been involved with Ama for over 20 years and is married to director Lorenza Sebasti. He still makes two single-vineyard versions but now only in small quantities and only in the best years. Both Bellavista (which includes a percentage of Malvasia Nera) and La Casuccia (Merlot complements the Sangiovese) combine intensity with nuance and elegance but the latter is the richer of the two. As at a number of top estates attention is now focused on a single bottling of Chianti Classico, more in the manner of a Bordeaux château. Ama’s Chianti Classico starts out quite firm but with good intensity and depth as well as a certain class others lack. Given the vineyards’ elevation (450–480m), more difficult vintages can be a little lean but the wines gain richness with age, improving for at least five years. Tuscany’s first great Merlot, L’Apparita, was produced here and it continues to be one of the very best. Relatively high fermentation temperatures and a long maceration precede ageing in 100% new Allier oak. This now sizeable (90-ha) estate also provides an attractive, well-balanced Chardonnay, Al Poggio, capable of a little age, and some Pinot Nero, Il Chiuso. Or you may prefer Ama’s very distinctive extra virgin olive oil with a lovely creamy complexity. Information supplied by Wine Behind the Label

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Gaiole in Chianti (Siena)
Telephone 0577 746031
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