Chateau Talbot

Producer Information

  • Wine region:  Saint-Julien

Producer Description

Details: Saint-Julien, 4ème cru classé, 107ha (102ha red/5ha white), gravel on fossil-rich limestone
Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon 66%, Merlot Noir 26%, Petit Verdot 5%, Cabernet Franc 3%

Château Talbot's large vineyard surrounds the estate's manor house and stretches north all the way to its bounadary with the Pauillac appellation. It is one of the oldest estates in the Médoc, though its precise origins remain obscure. It is claimed to be named after Sir John Talbot who was both Earl of Shrewsbury and Governor of Aquitaine in the 15th century (he met his end in the French victory at the Battle of Castillon, which in 1453 effectively ended the Hundred Years War). Whatever the estate's history, following its successful ranking in 1855 Talbot saw a series of different owners, culminating in 1917 with the Cordier family - still owners today. After decades of sure and steady management, it is currently under the control of fourth-generation sisters Lorraine Cordier and Nancy Bignon-Cordier.

Contact details

Write to Lettres de Chateaux, 12 rue d'Enghien 33000 Bordeaux France
Telephone 05 56 44 63 50