Domaine Laroche

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  • Wine region:  Burgundy: Chablis

Producer Description

The Laroche family has been making wine in Chablis since 1850. Michel Laroche, the fifth generation, arrived in 1967 to continue a long tradition of allowing the wine to express its unique origin: The True Chablis. Michel has witnessed significant changes in Chablis and is the first generation to make a living exclusively from producing and selling wine.

Six hectares of domaine vines in the late 1960s have turned into more than 130 hectares today, including a shareholding in the Château de Chemilly. Domaine Laroche is one of the largest vineyard owners in Burgundy, with offices located in the birthplace of Chablis: a ninth to sixteenth century listed monastery called l'Obédiencerie, where monks made the first Chablis.

The ancient monument was home to the monks of Saint Martin, the patron saint of both Chablis and of horse travellers. The monks tended vines where today's Grand Cru vines are located as early as the 9th century. It was in the tower cellar of the Obédiencerie where the first barrels of Chablis were matured. The Obédiencerie's cellar also housed a small crypt containing the relics of Saint Martin.

Exported to 77 different countries, Domaine Laroche wines are recognised around the world and regularly win prizes for their superior quality.

Since 1995, Michel Laroche has also produced a second range of wines from the Languedoc under the Michel Laroche South of France label.

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Write to 22 Rue Louis Bro 89800 Chablis France
Telephone 03 86 42 89 00
Fax 03 86 42 89 29