Mastrojanni, Tuscany, Italy

Producer Information

  • Wine region:  Tuscany

Producer Description

One of the few really great Brunello producers, Mastrojanni commands almost 19ha of steep stony slopes in the south-eastern confines of the DOCG. Both large and small wood are used for ageing but it’s not obvious in these deep, dark monsters. Structured, with dense but ripe tannins, the wines always show an expansive quality in the mouth that few of the more modern, oak-influenced styles even approach. Sometimes the balance is not quite there or the wine is a bit deficient, or relatively advanced though good, but the depth, class and complexity from top vintages make this an excellent investment for keeping for 10–15 years (i.e. 5–10 more after release). Very small quantities of a rich, complex Riserva are made in the best years and occasionally produced is a special selection, Schiena d’Asino (which may need closer to two decades). San Pio (Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon) is more accessible in the short-term as is a Rosso which can be excellent in good vintages, with Brunello-like fullness but always needing another two or three years after its release (at two years). Botrys is a late-harvested blend of Moscato and Malvasia. Information supplied by Wine Behind the Label

Contact details

Write to Podere Loreto S. Pio
Castelnuovo Abate Montalcino (Siena)
Telephone 0577 835 681
Fax 0577 835 505