Ten best new wave Spanish Wines - All wines

Spanish wine is undergoing a glittering renaissance at the moment. Five years ago nobody would have expected to see the surge in popularity of such regions as Navarra and Valencia, and the wonderful new styles that are coming out of Rioja. And that's not to mention Rueda, Ribeiro, and the fabulous Priorat... Here we bring you a selection of superb Spanish wines, showing wonderful variation of taste and style.

Wine name Producer Country Region Vintage

Mas Macia, Brut Nature, Cava

N/A Spain North-Eastern NV

Bodegas Docampo, Vina do Campo, Ribeiro

Docampo Spain Atlantic Coast 2008

Bodegas Raimat, Vina 24 Albarino, Costers del Segre

Raimat Spain North-Eastern 2008

Miguel Torres, Salmos, Priorat

Miguel Torres Spain North-Eastern 2006

Cooperativa la Vina, El Molinet, Valencia

N/A Spain The Levant (Eastern) 2007

La Bascula, The Charge Tempranillo-Garnacha, Rioja

N/A Spain North-Eastern 2006

Bodegas Lar de Paula, Crianza, Rioja

N/A Spain North-Eastern 2005

Bodegas Julian Chivite, Coleccion 125 Vendimia Tardia, Navarra

Bodegas Julian Chivite Spain North-Eastern 2006

Baron de Ley, 7 Vinas, Reserva, Rioja

Baron de Ley Spain North-Eastern 2004

Bodegas Veracruz, Ermita Veracruz, Rueda

N/A Spain Old Castile (Northern) 2008