2000 Reuilly, Henri Beurdin

Producer: Domaine Henri Beurdin et Fils
Vintage: 2000
Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Origin: France, Loire, Central Loire
Appellation: Reuilly
Date tasted: 14 January 2004
Price when tasted: £7.50

Tasting notes


<li> true 'terroir' Sauvignon Blanc <li> aromatic and dry <br /><br />Although the Sauvignon Blanc wines in central Loire's Sancerre and Pouilly provided the inspiration for the now totally established Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand, the other appell


Aromatic and dry, as Sauvignon Blanc should be, but has a particularly spicy fruit, quite different from the often broad and simple Sancerres and the more flinty Pouillys. A true 'terroir' wine, hand-made by a dedicated vigneron mostly for an appreciative

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