The wines of Listrac are getting better and better. More concentration on the fruit and less on the tannins has brought an elegance to what in the past was a rather rustic Médoc. As a result they are approachable younger and, while rarely possessing the fleshy charm of their neighbour Moulis, they retain a good firmness. 2009 suited Listrac well and while there are few candidates for long ageing, they do have fine precision of fruit for the medium term. In Moulis meanwhile, with plumminess from the Merlot and structure from the Cabernet and vineyards just a touch warmer than those of Listrac, 2009 was very much in the Moulis mould. Yet while the wines are for the most part supple, rounded and full of Médoc fruit, I found fewer high points here than in the past - they are attractive, true to their appellation and will give much pleasure over the medium term. Steven Spurrier


Written by Decanter