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You may have heard of a new wine gadget selling for just under US$300 called 'Coravin' which claims to allow wine to be tasted multiple times from the same bottle without ever removing the cork. Are you...

  • Intrigued. It sounds like a great idea and I would be interested in buying one (1263 vote, 29%)
  • Cautious, I would have to see it in action before I made my mind up (1239 vote, 28%)
  • Sceptical, I wouldn't risk it with my old and rare vintages (687 vote, 16%)
  • Not interested - if I want a glass of wine I'll just open the bottle (1179 vote, 27%)

Previous Polls

This year's DWWA Global Tastings programme is now underway, where you can taste award-winning wines in venues across the world. Are you planning on going to any of the tastings?

  • Yes, I'm looking forward to tasting some of this year's award-winners (10 vote, 18%)
  • I would like to but there isn't a location near enough to me (19 vote, 35%)
  • No, I'm not really interested in attending any of the tastings (12 vote, 22%)
  • I hadn't thought about it as I was unaware it was happening (14 vote, 25%)

Do you think Russia's ban on Moldovan wine imports is politically motivated?

  • Yes (398 vote, 93%)
  • No (16 vote, 4%)
  • Undecided (15 vote, 3%)

The UK government is expected to shelve plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing. Are you

  • Pleased - alcohol is expensive enough and setting a minimum price would just penalise those who already drink responsibly (824 vote, 56%)
  • Disgruntled - setting a minimum price would work well to curb excessive drinking and cut the number of alcohol related crimes and deaths (288 vote, 20%)
  • Undecided - surely there are other ways to tackle alcohol issues such as bans on 2-for-1 deals and bulk alcohol offers (348 vote, 24%)

Ridge Vineyards is going for 'full disclosure' on labels. Do you think the idea will catch on?

  • No - all I need to know is the alcohol and the region (96 vote, 10%)
  • Yes - but it's what's in cheaper wines that we need to know about (616 vote, 65%)
  • Possibly - but it looks like a bit of a gimmick to me (237 vote, 25%)

Bordeaux 2012 is turning out to be 'better and cheaper' than 2011, according to many. Will you buy?

  • Yes - finally a vintage that I may be able to afford (189 vote, 29%)
  • No - Bordeaux left me behind years ago (180 vote, 28%)
  • Probably not - I'd rather buy vintages already on the market that offer better value (276 vote, 43%)

A major French study has found pesticide and fungicide residue in 90% of wines tested. Are you worried?

  • Of course I'm worried - I thought that sort of thing went out in the 1970s (495 vote, 54%)
  • Not in the least - you'd inhale more pollutants in five minutes in Bordeaux city centre (363 vote, 39%)
  • I'm going to drink nothing but natural wine from now on (62 vote, 7%)

Beaujolais Nouveau has 'destroyed the region', says a veteran Beaujolais producer. What do you think?

  • I agree. There are fabulous ageworthy crus we never see because everyone thinks Beaujolais should be cheap and early drinking (830 vote, 54%)
  • Rubbish! Who would have heard of Beaujolais if not for Nouveau? (94 vote, 6%)
  • The race for Nouveau is just harmless fun - isn't there room for both that and serious cru Beaujolais? (609 vote, 40%)

How long do you wait before first broaching your case of Medoc cru classe from the most recent vintage?

  • I always open a bottle immediately, to see the style of the wine (122 vote, 31%)
  • I can't resist dipping into the case within the first five years (105 vote, 27%)
  • I try and wait at least 10 years - top clarets need it (149 vote, 38%)
  • I leave the case intact - I'm usually buying to sell on (15 vote, 4%)

Is the French Appellation Contrôlée (AC) system fatally flawed?

  • Yes, it stifles innovation and makes producers conform to outdated rules (253 vote, 30%)
  • Yes, it allows lazy producers to hide behind a famous name (207 vote, 25%)
  • No, it ensures the survival of local grape varieties that would otherwise be uprooted (184 vote, 22%)
  • No, it's a useful consumer guide to wine style (186 vote, 22%)

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