DWWA judge profile: Claire Kyunghwa Nam

Claire Kyunghwa Nam is a judge at the 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).

Claire Kyunghwa Nam

Claire Kyunghwa Nam joined the wine trade in 2005 while studying postgraduate wine business program at the Adelaide University. She has worked on various sides of business from buying and selling to marketing and education in Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, France and UK, worked as a Wine Consultant at Berry Bros & Rudd Hong Kong in 2007 – 2009 prior to move to Burgundy where she spent 1.5 years.

Since 2012, Claire has helped Decanter Tasting Team as a freelance, writes columns for Korean wine media and judges at international wine competitions. Claire set up a micro-négociant GARAM in Bordeaux and has been producing a micro-cuvée Graves Blanc ‘Les Trois Mains’ since 2016. Claire is currently a 2nd stage student of the Institute of Masters of Wine and passed the practical part of the exam in 2015 at her first attempt.

She is an Italian Wine Ambassador certified by Vinitaly International Academy.

Follow Claire on Instagram @BLICWine