DWWA Regional Chair for Tuscany: Monty Waldin

Monty Waldin is Regional Chair for Tuscany at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) 2019.

Monty Waldin

Monty Waldin is a British broadcaster, author, and occasional winemaker specialising in organics and biodynamics. His first book, The Organic Wine Guide, published in 1999, was voted Britain’s Wine Guide of the Year.

He was developing a biodiversity project for a biodynamic vineyard in California at that time, and has drawn on this and other winemaking experiences in both hemispheres for subsequent writing.

He has experience working in conventional, organic and biodynamic vineyards and wineries in both hemispheres, with the likes of the Lurton, Fetzer, and Gauby families. His other award-winning books include Biodynamic Wines and Wines of South America.

In 2008 he was the subject of ‘Château Monty’, a wine-making documentary series on biodynamic winemaking in the Roussillon, France.

As well as writing regularly for Decanter, Monty contributes the entries on organics, biodynamics and sustainability for the Oxford Companion to Wine.

Monty studied Italian whilst researching a travel guide to Tuscan wine in the mid-2000s. He co-created and now hosts VinItaly International’s Italian Wine Podcast.

In 2014, Monty produced a biodynamic sparkling wine from Surrey-grown Chardonnay made using the ‘petillant naturel’ method.

Follow Monty on Twitter at @MontyWaldin or visit his website.