DAWA judge: Eddie McDougall

Eddie McDougall, an award-winning winemaker, wine judge, columnist based in Hong Kong, is a judge in the Decanter Asia Wine Awards (DAWA).


Eddie McDougall is an award-winning winemaker, wine judge, columnist and host of the acclaimed TV series The Flying Winemaker. In 2012, Eddie was named one of the Top 20 People Changing The Way We Eat and Drink by Time Out Hong Kong. In that same year, Eddie also established his first Hong Kong Wine Shop concept in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central District. Eddie was raised in Hong Kong and Australia. His in-depth knowledge of cultural trends and linguistic abilities have helped him become a recognized authority on wine production, consumption and business trends. Eddie holds a Bachelor of International Business from Griffith University, Australia and a Post Graduate Diploma of Wine Technology and Viticulture from the University of Melbourne. In 2013, he was one of only 12 elite wine professionals selected for the Len Evans Tutorial, regarded as the world’s most esteemed wine judging program. Eddie has over a decade of winemaking experience with some of the most influential wineries in the New and Old World. In 2007, he created his own boutique brand, Eddie McDougall Wines which is served in leading restaurants and hotels in Australia and Asia. Eddie’s collection of fine wines have regularly obtained 90+ ratings and won medals at international wine competitions. Outside of his winemaking duties, Eddie has become a well-respected wine judge featuring regularly at international wine competitions and a regular wine columnist for various publications. Eddie McDougall has been a Decanter Asia Wine Awards judge since 2012.


In September 2012, decanter.com spoke to Eddie McDougall ahead of the first Decanter Asia Wine Awards, which took place in Hong Kong later that month.

Tell us a little about yourself – where are you based and where do you work?
I was born in Hong Kong then raised and trained as a winemaker in Australia and Italy. My time now is mostly split between Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and China. I currently own and operate the following businesses:
– Eddie McDougall Fine Wines of Australia, Winemaker and Managing Director
– The Flying Winemaker, Founder and Director
– Edward James Wine Service, Founder and Director

How did you first become interested in wine?
At the age of 19 I graduated with a Bachelor of International Business and found myself completely directionless in my career path. I was working part-time as a bar manager and waiter for a very prestigious restaurant in Australia and it was at this restaurant that I experienced what I now call a ‘waiter’s worst nightmare’. Fortunately for me, the nightmare that claimed my happiness eventually turned 180 degrees and became a twist of faith, which exposed me to a glass of wine that changed my life. The glass of wine, offered to me by the restaurateur, was the remains of a customer’s bottle, and upon a slight sniff and sip I was compelled to learn how to make wine. This life inspiring experience prompted me to formally undertake university studies in winemaking and viticulture. What was in the glass? It was a Pinot Blanc made by an Alsace producer, Paul Blanck.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your job role?
To be honest I’m still learning it. However, knowledge and hands on experience is really important as no book will ever teach you the really juicy stuff. Even after 12 vintages of winemaking in various parts of the world, I still need to learn and more importantly make the mistakes – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Is there a person or producer you particularly admire within the wine industry?
Vietti from Barolo, Italy. Luca Currado is a fantastic winemaker and mentor.

Which wines are you drinking at home at the moment?
A lot of funky South African wines and Chateau Ksara from the Bekka Valley in Lebanon.

What are your favourite food and wine combinations?
– Chianti Classico or Sangiovese with Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Pork Dumplings) served with lots of vinegar and ginger strands.
– Dry Rosé with Char Sui (Honey Glazed Cantonese BBQ Pork). Make sure you eat the crunchy, burnt pieces too.

Who was your most memorable customer, and why?
What I should say is that every customer is just as memorable as each other, however if I had to choose one it would definitely be my 87-year-old grandmother. My grandmother from my Chinese side grew up never tasting a wine made from grapes. The first and only wine she has ever tasted was a 2008 Shiraz which I made. She gave it two thumbs up.

Is there a strong wine scene in your city?
The wine scene in Hong Kong is huge! It’s still growing and literally shifting dynamics all the time.

Have you noticed any new trends emerging? What are customers asking for at the moment?
Yes definitely.
– Lower-alcohol Shiraz from Australia, very classy and modern in style – Mount Langhi Ghiran is an awesome example.
– Moscato is going to be massive for new wine drinkers – look out for this dark horse.
– South African produced Bordeaux blends – cheaper and tastier than you’ll ever believe.

Finally, what are you looking forward to most about judging at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards?
A great opportunity to be part of a team of judges who will shape the direction of the Asian wine industry.