New styles are springing up on the fringes of California wine's heavyweights. Our Tasting Team have identified six exciting examples for under £30...

In keeping with California’s tradition of creativity, there producers are thinking beyond the region’s reputation for producing world class Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Six new wave California wines under £30

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Italian grape varieties seem to feature particularly strongly in this evolution, no doubt influenced by the strong Italian heritage in California.

The aim is to show a different side to California, away from the big Cabernets and rich Chardonnays.

Lightness of touch in the winery is a key factor, amplified by the use of terracotta vessels instead of oak, earlier harvest dates, varying degrees of skin contact, minimal SO2 and utilisation of wild yeasts.

This seems to be, at the very least, an exciting period of innovation. But there is also a chance that it will turn out to be a key turning point in one of the world’s key wine producing regions.