1977 Port: Vintage guide


Considered one of the ‘vintages of the century’. There’s some concern that some wines will never soften

Weather Conditions

A wet winter was followed by a somewhat disappointing summer with only one period of real heat. August was cool and often overcast.

Sugar levels were still alarmingly low at the beginning of September but this was compensated for by very hot weather later in the month, which continued into early October. Sugar levels were still on the low side when picking began but it was clear from the colour and flavour of the musts that some fine wines were likely to emerge.

Best Producers

The 1977 Port vintage was hailed as a classic when it was declared in 1979 and was well received by the trade.

Every shipper except Cockburn, Martinez and Noval chose to declare. Although 1977 produced some outstanding wines, overall the vintage has not quite lived up to early expectations and, 20 years on, the wines were fully mature with one or two beginning to show their age. This is a very good vintage but not up to the standards of 1963 or 1945.

Smith Woodhouse