1987 Port: Vintage guide


This was a low-output year few declared and the world slump was detrimental to vintage Port export

Weather Conditions

After a successful flowering, the prospects were for a large crop, but exceptionally hot, dry weather from mid-June intervened.

By early September, the grapes were looking distinctly small and somewhat raisined. The weather broke during the vintage but those who picked early made intense, concentrated wines, marred in some cases only by a slightly roasted character.

Best Producers

A handful of shippers declared (Ferreira, Martinez, Niepoort) but the majority held off and bottled single-quinta wines.

More may have taken the plunge but for the fact that the market for vintage Port was looking distinctly shaky by the time of the would-be declaration in the spring/summer of 1989.

Quinta do Bomfim (Dow’s)
Quinta da Eira Velha (Martinez)
Quinta da Terra Feita (Taylor’s)
Quinta do Panascal (Fonseca)