Quantities were low but the quality was excellent. Widely declared

Weather Conditions

Growing conditions were good: a wet winter was followed by a dry, settled spring and early summer when flowering took place under ideal conditions. High summer was hot and very dry, relieved only by some timely rain on 11th and 12th September and again just before the harvest. When picking began, ambient temperatures were still high, presenting real problems for those producers without means of controlling fermentations.

Best Appellations

Taylor’s, Croft, Rozès, Ferreira, Niepoort, Graham’s.

Best Producers

The grapes tended to be small with little juice resulting in deep, dense powerful wines for the medium to long term. It was declared by the Symington-owned houses Dow, Graham, Warre, Smith Woodhouse, Gould Campbell, Quarles Harris) in preference to 1992. Taylor and Fonseca declared single-quinta wines. 1991 was a watershed vintage in that, for the first time, more Vintage Port was shipped to the United States than the United Kingdom.