1992 Port: Vintage guide


A split declaration – a year favoured by Taylor’s and Fonseca over and above 1991. Rich, concentrated wines for drinking now and over the next twenty years

Vintage review by Richard Mayson, 2018

Weather Conditions

The winter was unseasonably dry throughout Portugal and the drought continued until June, when a few days of rain proved to be very beneficial. Fortunately, the flowering was early and therefore not affected.

The remainder of the summer was generally dry but not unduly hot, and a few short sharp showers in August helped to swell the grapes. Most growers began picking on 21 September but those who held off another week probably made better wines.

Best Producers

A split declaration (with 1991); it remains to be seen which year produced the better wines for the medium-to-long-term. Taylor’s/Fonseca famously declared 1992 whereas the Symington-owned houses all opted for 1991. Niepoort declared both.

Big, rich and complete, I have the hunch that 1992 might just be the more impressive year in the long term.



Quinta do Infantado

Quinta do Vesuvio

Fonseca, Niepoort

Quinta do Passadouro (Niepoort)

Malvedos (Graham’s)

Quinta da Agua Alta (Churchill)