Some excellent single quinta Ports for drinking in the medium term

Weather Conditions

A cool, wet spring and early summer slashed yields and induced mildew and oidium in many vineyards. After a period of unrelenting heat in high summer, a minute but potentially outstanding vintage appeared to be on the cards. Picking began in the Douro Superior on 14th September and by 24th September the harvest was underway. Unfortunately, the heavens opened at the same time, diluting sugar levels and turning a potentially great vintage into a curate’s egg: merely good in parts.

Best Appellations

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Best Producers

No major declaration but some good, concentrated wines were produced by quintas in the Douro Superior which picked before the rain. It is too early to assess the 1998 Ports as (at the time of writing) most are not yet in bottle.

Possibly… Quinta Senhora da Ribeira (Dow)
Quinta do Vesuvio