2002 Port: Vintage guide

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After high hopes at the outset, 2002 proved to be something of a damp squib

Weather Conditions

The winter was dry and there was very little rain during the summer, although fortunately without any of the extreme heat that can burn the grapes on the vine.

Rain in early September helped to swell the berries and by the middle of the month the grapes were in near-perfect condition.

However, just as picking commenced in the Cima Corgo, the weather broke and for most it became a stop-start vintage between bouts of torrential rain. The rain continued on and off well into October.

Best Appellations

Those who managed to pick before the rain (mostly in the Douro Superior) have small quantities of good, possibly outstanding wines. A general declaration is unlikely but some producers should have sufficient quantity of high quality wine for a single quinta declaration in the spring of 2004.