2005 Port: Vintage guide


The harvesting weather could not have been better. All indicators point to a great vintage

Weather Conditions

With only 6mm of rain in June and none at all in July and August, the vines were showing signs of severe stress at the end of August.

Vines located in high areas as well as old vines with deep roots will produce the best grapes as they will have been able to best deal with the dry weather.

Disease will not be a factor this year due to the exceptionally dry weather. There is no doubt that the good flowering and fruit-set earlier this year has played a key role in maintaining yields despite the drought. There are plenty of bunches even if the berries themselves are small.

On the 6th September the weather changed and a steady rain fell for several hours. The rain was followed by clear skies. Since then there has been absolutely perfect weather with cool nights and some heavy dew.

The harvesting weather could not have been better.