Decanter staff

Editorial +44 (0)20 314 (Followed by the relevant extension):

Content Director: John Stimpfig (x84489)
Managing Editor: Amy Wislocki (x84487)
Associate Editor: Tina Gellie (x84486)
Art Editor: Patrick Grabham (x84490)
Senior Designer/Picture Editor: Kevin Pruitt (x84491)
Commissioning Editor: Julie Sheppard (x84515)
Senior Copy Editor: David Longfield (x84680)
Tastings Executive: Vahan Agulian (x84687)
Awards Tastings Executive: Natalie Earl (x84501)
Wine Logistics Manager: Simon Wright (x84698)
Consultant Editor: Steven Spurrier (x84488) +44 (0)20 314 (Followed by the relevant extension):

Digital Content Manager: Eleanor Douglas (x84499)
Digital Publisher: Harry Fawkes (x84695)
Digital Wine Sub-Editor: James Button (x84658)
Web Editor, Sylvia Wu (x84681)
Acting Editorial Assistant: Paula Benn (x84488)
Contributing Editors: Jane Anson, Tim Atkin MW, Fiona Beckett, Stephen
Brook, Andy Howard MW, Andrew Jefford, James Lawther MW, Matt Walls

Advertising +44 (0)20 314 (Followed by the relevant extension):

Commercial Manager: Richard Morley (x84500)
Business Manager: Stephen Hobley (x84504)
Manager – France: Michael Denton (x84503)
Advertisement Manager: John Cullimore (x84502)
Senior Production Design Manager: Emma Jupp (x84494)
Design & Production Executive :Michelle Mitchell (x84519)
National Account Manager, Marketforce: Chris Lynn +44 20 3787 9171
US Advertising: Kate Buckley +1 845 266 4980

Publishing +44 (0)20 314 (Followed by the relevant extension):

Managing Director :Robin McMillan (x84514)
General Manager: Lindsay Greatbatch (x84481)
Executive Office Manager: Danny John Casely (x84497)
Head of Events: Victoria Stanage (x84483)
International Events Executive: Jordan Casewell (x84495)
Events Assistant: Charlotte Keefe (x84484)
Head of Marketing: Alex Layton (x84512)
Senior Marketing Manager: Kerry MacDonald (x84495)
Awards Marketing Executive: Bella Callaghan (x84485)
China Marketing Manager: Nina Feng (x84493)
Asia Marketing Manager: Shirley Tan (x84517)
Awards Sales Manager: Laura Bianco (x84498)
Account Manager Italy/Mediterranean/UK: Michela Nassiz (x84508)
Account Manager Spain/Americas: Cesar Soler (x84511)
Awards Assistant: Claudia Cianfarani (x84693)
Syndication: Efi Mandrides (x85485)