Root Revival

JOHN RADFORD looks at a region which has, on the brink of the 21st century, virtually reinvented itself within the last two decades

The Grapes Of Galicia

Spain may not have a vast array of great white grapes to boast about, but it has every right to go into rapture about its finest, Albariño. TIM ATKIN does…

Napa Valley Oh to be an Oakville Owner

The Oakville winegrowers took their time establishing their own appellation, but now in place, its distinctive character is shining through. NORM ROBY reports.

Chipping At Port’s Pedestal

Douro's unfortified red wines are increasingly coming out of port's shadow says, RICHARD MAYSON, who looks at latest launches from the valley

Pacific Plenty

With a vibrant wine culture, rapidly expanding vineyards and many new growers, the future for Washington State just looks brighter and brighter. TIM ATKIN reports.

A giant awakes

A wind of change is sweeping through the bodegas of Spain's greatest wine region. ANTHONY ROSE reports.

Dicing with the Devil

For the Sauternes grower every vintage is a knife edge gamble, but, finds CLIVE COATES MW, the results can be truly worthy of the heartache.

Its Not Just A Drink's a way of life. Drinking fino or manzanilla sherry in Spain, that is. RICHARD MAYSON applauds the wines that fuel many a Jerezano's day (and night)

Portugal when They Are Good

Like the region's climate, the wines of Vinho Verde vary enormously. Quality and character range from sweetish, fizzy whites to tannic, high-acid reds, but some of the best are light,…

Italy Roman Triumph

Overproduction and decling quality caused Frascati's reputation to take a nose-dive. Now, however, the classic Roman white looks set for a revival. RICHARD BAUDAINS reports

Single Quinta wines from Portugal

A country-wide association of independent growers producing and bottling wines entirely from grapes grown in their own vineyards is helping to reinforce the move throughout Portugal towards high quality single…

Napa Valley Great Leap Forward

With its focus on classic red varieties, Stags Leap District is rapidly becoming one of the most distinctive appellations in California. NORM ROBY reports

Pomerol 1985

1985 was a good year in Bordeaux, producing Merlot of exceptional quality, and nowhere did this grape do better than in Pomerol, writes DAVID PEPPERCORN MW.

Cairanne- A Name To Conjure With

The reputation of the Rhône village of Cairanne seemed almost too good to be true. Decanter sent a cynical ANTHONY PEREGRINE to investigate.

Italy Wines From Lost Isle

The isolated island of Sardinia, floating far from the Italian mainland, is making its presence known in the wine world once more, writes TOM BRUCE-GARDYNE

The Oregon Trail

Pinot Gris was pioneered in Oregon in 1970 and is now one of the region's most successful white varietals, as STEPHEN BROOK discovers

Douro Table Reds

Long regarded as a poor relation to the region's famous Port wines, Douro table reds are finally getting the recognition they deserve, writes RICHARD MAYSON

Secret Gardens

DAVE BROOM assesses the changes going on in some of Spain's lesser known regions

Base Wine Into Gold

In the right hands, Chenin Blanc can be transformed from a basic Loire white into a rich, characterful wine. JAMES LAWTHER MW meets the alchemists of Vouvray and Montlouis.