Read Jane Anson's tasting note and rating for Château Cheval Blanc's first white wine.

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Overall rating:

Points 93
Grape Variety:Sauvignon Blanc


Le Petit Cheval Blanc 2014



Le Petit Cheval Blanc, AOC Bordeaux Blanc, 2014

Aged for the same time as the red wine; so approaching two years, but entirely in large-sized 400 litre barrels from Austria and Sancerre, this has a clear salinity to both the aromatics and the palate, coupled with a lovely rich weight on the palate.

More intensity of flavour than many white Bordeaux, you certainly know that you are tasting a wine with ambition.

Great first vintage with clean citrus flavours and an excellent retraction on the close of palate that gives the impression of minerality and freshness.

Let’s hope Bordeaux has room for another icon white, as this is very much worth trying.

Due for release end of September 2016


Appellation:Bordeaux AOC Blanc
Taster:Jane Anson