Prestige Champagnes are usually a producer's best - and most expensive - wine. But with the trend towards vineyard wines, special cuvees and multiple bottlings, there's cause for confusion. DWWA Champagne Regional Chair Richard Juhlin demystifies the category, and selects his top 20 prestige Champagnes from a landmark tasting...

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Dom Pérignon 2004

Dom Pérignon 2004

Yet another masterpiece created by Richard Geoffroy. Unmistakable Dom Pérignon style with unparalleled silkiness throughout the palate. The mousse is worthy of its own chapter and the elegance is striking. Nice minerality and floral notes with citrus overtones. Slightly short now, but time will fill in the small gaps in the beginning of life. This time it tasted intensely toasty and fairly close to the 1983 when I tasted that vintage for the first time at the same age as the 2004 is now.
Price £95-£140, $150-$200 Widely available from specialist merchants.
Drink 2014-2030
Alc 12.5%