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Points 90
Grape Variety:Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Dom Pérignon, P2 Rosé, Champagne 1996


This product is featured in: Dom Pérignon P2 Rosé 1996: Review.

Dom Pérignon P2 Rosé 1996

Pink coral colour with amber highlights. Scents of the warm south – saffron, lemon trees, a touch of fig, then brine and red pepper. There is a marked P2 evolution on the palate, the fierce acids now integrated into the wine but with a certain loss of vigour overall. It keeps a nice balance of freshness and gravitas; savoury and precise. Finale of attractive bitterness with spicy citrus fruit from the Chardonnay portion of the blend. A very good, if atypical, DP reflecting the character of ‘96, a vintage like no other before or since.
Taster: Michael Edwards
Alc 12%

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