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Grape Variety:Chardonnay
Grape Variety:Pinot Noir


Veuve Clicquot, La Grande Dame 2006


Veuve Clicquot, La Grande Dame, Champagne, France 2006

How does Veuve Clicquot’s cellarmaster Dominique Demarville do it? This high wire Prestige Cuvée act walks the tightrope with such confidence and ease. Unusually for the house, the blend is just 53% Pinot Noir and 47% Chardonnay but like every great champagne its ‘ying and yang’ are in perfect symmetry. So we have the volume, structure and depth balanced by the cut and thrust of the acidity. On the palate are layers of cream, honey, nuts, brioche, pear, marzipan and ginger. The texture is shimmeringly silky and full. The finish alone deserves an ovation and demands an encore.  Bravo.

Alc 12%

Price UK £88-£128 Hedonism, Bancroft, US $130-$140 Rye Brook [NY], 67 Wine [NY], The Grape Tray [CA], Artisan Wine Depot [CA]*

Taster John Stimpfig

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