A Mano, Imprint of Mark Shannon, Appassito, Puglia Rosso 2012

A Mano


  • Drink: 2015 - 2022

See Monty Waldin's rating, tasting notes and drinking window for A Mano 2012.


Decanter average score for A Mano :

An 40-70 year-old vines.inventive red made from Primitivo grapes picked ripe but not overripe which are then left to dry off the vine after picking. They shrivel slightly and gain in concentration. Wonderful balance of savoury tannins and sweet-tasting, fresh crushed raspberry fruit, with an intentionally light spritz. Reminds me of the best Zinfandels that old-timer growers in northern California would make in the 1970s for home consumption. Unputdownable.
Price: £12.99 Widely available via UK agent, Liberty Wines
Drink: 2015-2022
Alc: 14.8%