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Points 90
Grape Variety:Triomphe


Ancre Hill, Triomphe 2014

Ancre Hill, Triomphe, Wales 2014

With such a marginal weather, who would have thought Wales could produce wine?! This family estate went even a step further: they adopted biodynamic practice in 2012 to protect the integrity of the land and obtained the Demeter certification in 2013. The Triomphe grape, originally from Alsace, is well-suited to the area and gives pure raspberry and red cherry aromas.  It’s very juicy and quaffable and perfect on a hot summer day. This is a Welsh version of Beaujolais!

Alc 10%

Taster: Christelle Guibert


£18.95 Carte Blanche, Caviste, Mumbles Fine Wines