teamed up with Camino Spanish tapas bars and found out how to make the perfect spiced, winter Sangria...

How to make Christmas Sangria

Camino spiced Sangria: Ingredients

  • Orange juice – 10ml
  • Licor 43 – 20ml
  • Whitely Neill – 10ml
  • Rame  – 125ml
  • Clove – five
  • Cinnamon sticks – two
  • Nutmeg – one
  • Green apple slices
  • Orange slices
  • Lemonade or Cava to top


Mix all ingredients together, apart from the apple and orange slices, one of the cinnamon sticks and the lemonade or Cava.

Ideally do this a few hours before serving, for the spices to blend in well.

Pour this pre-mixed Sangria into a sundae glass, or a wine glass, with cubed ice and top with lemonade or Cava.

Garnish with some more chopped orange and apple, and finish with the other cinnamon stick.

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