Biodynamic wine

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Biodynamic wine is made using an approach to agriculture that keeps in tune with the basic forces of nature while combining spiritual, ethical and ecological considerations.

These wines are created using this approach both within in the vineyard and post-harvest. Biodynamic winemakers strive to create a harmonious and balanced vineyard-system that generates health and fertility while avoiding the use of any synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides. For more information on biodynamic wine click here

Emmanuel Giboulot

Biodynamic winemaker who refused to spray vines sees conviction quashed

4th December 2014

A biodynamic winemaker in Burgundy who refused to spray his vines with pesticide to protect against a deadly vine disease has seen his conviction overturned on appeal.

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Lerclerc Briant

Louis Roederer now Champagne's biggest biodynamic producer

25th June 2012

Louis Roederer has increased its vineyard ownership to 230 hectares following the purchase of Champagne Leclerc Briant.

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French biodynamic wines

Expert's Choice: French biodynamic wines

8th June 2012

A holistic approach to winemaking, through minimal intervention in the cellar and vineyard, gives a purer wine with a real sense of terroir, says Isabelle Legeron MW. See Isabelle's top 18 French...

New Zealand organic

What is biodynamic wine?

8th June 2012

Biodynamic wines are produced in accordance with biodynamic principles that emphasise holistic agricultural methods and minimal intervention post-harvest.

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Zind Humbrecht Brand

Zind-Humbrecht: New Sommerberg Riesling plantings

15th May 2012

Domaine Zind-Humbrecht in Alsace is about to plant Riesling vines in a tiny parcel of the (28ha) grand cru Sommerberg in Alsace.

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