Desert Island Wines

What would be your wine for life?In the April issue of Decanter magazine we asked our contributors what their 'desert island wine' would be. Stephen Brook plumped for Chambolle-Musigny, John Radford chose dry Amontillado and Margaret Rand was one of several to fly the flag for vintage Champagne. We'd like to hear what your choice would be if you were restricted to just one wine, style or region for the rest of your days. Email us and we'll post your comments here.

Here’s Steven Spurrier’s entry:

Steven Spurrier

My cardinal rule over almost five decades of drinking is to seek out different wines; Alsace Rieslings will secure this aim for the future. My definition of a complete cellar is ‘the right wine for every occasion and mood’ and the horizontal spread of winemaker and crus across the region, combined with the vertical spread of vintages, would ensure this. The youngest dry Riesling as an aperitif, more vineyard specification and maturity throughout the meal, ending with a vendange tardive or sélection de grains nobles.There is even Riesling Crémant d’Alsace for the times I desire fizz. Since I don’t expect to abandon my profession, I’d continue to taste a vast range of wines (as long as I did not swallow). BYO would be a part of life. I might even drink beer, something I do only in our former colonies and Asia. Restriction will bring a daily regime of new experience.

Can you do better than that?

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The full article can be found in the April issue of Decanter (out 4 March).

I would choose Chambolle, a very special one: Chambolle Les Amoureuses 1999 made by Domaine Jacques Fréderic Mugnier

Robert Rockmann, São Paulo, Brazil

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