Bordeaux has plenty to offer on the Christmas dinner table and it doesn't always have to be sky-high prices. Our tasting team has picked four reds from classified growth châteaux on the Left Bank, plus one Bordeaux dry white, that will fit the occasion.

Bordeaux reds are an excellent fine wine companion for Christmas fare.

The fats in foods such as red meat and cheese help to counteract the astringent, grippy nature of the tannins, and the savoury flavours in the wine can complement those on your plate.

Bordeaux is rich enough to avoid becoming overpowered by strongly flavoured food, making it a flexible choice for the dinner table. The widespread use of oak barrels in Bordeaux can also lend the wine suitably festive aromas, such as cinnamon and fruitcake.

Scroll down for five Christmas Bordeaux recommendations

One top tip is to avoid vintages that are still very young, or are too tannic. We have chosen a 2012, which although still youthful comes from a lighter, early drinking vintage.


Another tip is to consider second wines. Not to be confused with second growths, a second wine sits a rung below the grand vin in the hierarchy, but is often just a fraction of the price. A second wine will also generally be read for drinking sooner, hence the decision to include a 2009 vintage wine in this list.

It’s also an unspoken rule that top vintages, such as ’09, yield better second wines than lesser vintages simply because the overall quality of the harvest fruit is higher.

Don’t overlook white Bordeaux. Dry and minerally with a crisp acidity, these can cut through rich flavours and oily fish with ease. A great alternative to Chablis or Sancerre.

Christmas Bordeaux: Left Bank 

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