Romantic destinations for wine lovers

In need of some Valentine’s Day inspiration? Nigel Buxton picks ten top romantic spots in Europe’s wine regions to share a bottle with that special someone

Romantic destinations for wine lovers: Deià

Deià, Majorca

The inclusion of Majorca in these proposals will certainly arouse the withering contempt of a not inconsiderable number of those who knew it before Sir Richard Branson, Michael Douglas, Sir Mick Jagger et al discovered the place and a progressive mayor built a road to the village’s only beach.

But let a man who sometimes dried out on the rocks in company with poet Robert Graves after an early morning swim raise a murmur of dissent. On the garden terrace of La Residencia Hotel – a five-star favourite of many a celebrity for its views to the surrounding hills and down to the sea – he recently agreed with his well-travelled companion that it was as pleasing a place as any they could think of to linger over a glass or three of well-chilled fino before a romantic candlelit dinner. The wine list in the hotel’s delightful El Olivo restaurant is far and away the best on the island and unsurpassed by many on the mainland. If there were any celebs around that evening, they had the decency to keep out of sight.

Hote recommendation:

La Residencia

Son Canals s/n,

07179 Deià, Majorca.

Tel: +34 971 63 9011

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