Romantic destinations for wine lovers

In need of some Valentine’s Day inspiration? Nigel Buxton picks ten top romantic spots in Europe’s wine regions to share a bottle with that special someone

Romantic destinations for wine lovers: Vaud

Vaud, Chardonne, Switzerland

From Vevey in the canton of French-speaking Switzerland (which embraces more than three quarters of the country’s entire wine production), a funicular climbs to Mont Pèlerin and the café-restaurant Le Chalet are recommended for a terrace which commands magnificent views of Lake Geneva, some 800m below.

Stations on the way up the mountain are Corseaux (home to writer Graham Greene from the late 1980s until his death in 1991, and where he is now buried) and Chardonne, one of the most attractive wine villages in the appellation of Lavaux.

The white wine of Corseaux – like that of neighbouring and more famous Dézaley and Fendant of the Valais – is made from the Chasselas grape, whose best expression is here and hereabouts. Dry, floral, fruity, a touch flinty, it is an unbeatable choice for lunch out of doors on a sunny day. Buy a bottle or two at the Association Vinicole in the centre of the village, walk a few hundred yards, and on the steep vineyard terraces overlooking the lake are picnic spots deserving of the wine.

Hotel recommendation:

Café-Restaurant Le Chalet

Route de Baumaroche 29, 1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin, Switzerland.

Tel: + 41 21 922 27 61

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